Living With Art- A Conversation with John Raimondi

Drawing to Sculpture: John Raimondi- A Walk Through The 45-Year Survey Exhibition

John Raimondi (B. 1948) is a contemporary American artist whose more than 100 monumental works of outdoor sculpture have earned him international distinction and acclaim. During his forty-five year career, he has experimented with a wide variety of styles, ranging from the simplicity of strong, angular lines and planes to the more graceful, curvilinear renditions of the natural world and human figure, to improvisational elements in his dignified series on American jazz greats and Indian Chiefs.


A constant in every style and approach in Raimondi's sculpture is his classical sense of design and craftsmanship along with his keen appreciation for scale and a subject's social meaning. His sculptural works are also distinctive in how they are made, not cast in bronze but formed, rolled, welded, and fabricated into shape from large sheets of bronze or Cor-Ten steel. The results are unforgettable pieces that are monumental yet elegant, solid yet ethereal.


Behind most of Raimondi's sculptural pieces are his conceptual drawings, which are works of art in their own right. These drawings-based on astute observations in the field and an immersion into scholarly readings- become fundamental, singular translations of the artist's feel for and understanding of a subject. The drawings are then rendered into cardboard models that become templates for larger-scale models for the eventual work of art. Raimondi then makes new drawings of the completed sculpture in order to provide a sense of closure and complete the artistic process.


John Raimondi: Drawing to Sculpture is a seminal new book that presents not only an unprecendented number of Raimondi's sculptures and drawings, but also a sense of his ever-evolving career and creative approach to making unforgettable art. The book also complements a forty-five-year retrospective of Raimondi's work at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.


Drawing to Sculpture
45.00 USD

Special 45th Anniversary Edition by Henry Adams, with a foreword by Irvin Lippman

"Drawing to Sculpture" Museum Poster
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The John Raimondi Gallery, founded in 1971 by the internationally renown sculptor, specializes in American Abstract Art. Raimondi’s creative passions, which began when he was a young boy, has inspired him to collect art, and that passion over the years has resulted in the creation of his remarkable collection and gallery. 



As one of the most unique private art dealers with client’s worldwide, his gallery is distinctive in that each work of art is owned by Raimondi himself. This paradigm emphasizes his own intimate connection with the work, as he only acquires art he loves and in which he believes. While the gallery focuses on abstraction, there is an array of other styles and genres, all with a common thread of originality, intellect and notable aesthetics. The gallery features a wide range of art by established, emerging, and contemporary masters.


In addition to the gallery’s extensive fine art collection, Raimondi’s life-long interest in ethnographic/tribal art and European and American decorative art are also reflected in the gallery impressive offerings.